For the past 30 years I’ve been a professional developer in a variety of languages. I’ve worked in a wide variety of sectors including aviation, telecommunications, government, distributed ledger (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero etc), charity, financial and so on.

While I’m able to design a reasonable user interface I much prefer to work on back end systems.

Some notable achievements as a developer are:

  • Co-developer of the UK Met Office National Severe Weather Warning Service
  • Providing consultancy to the board of HSBC Global on distributed ledger technology
  • Co-developer of the MultiBit Bitcoin wallet (over 1.5 million downloads)
  • Creator of the hid4java open source library
  • Co-developer of low level code for the UK ISDN endpoints


I first became a director of a limited company way back in 1999 and have held several directorships since then across a variety of companies. In all these companies I have promoted the use of open source software wherever possible.


I’ve been a father for many years. One purpose of this blog is to enable me to pass on a few bits of knowledge that I’ve picked up along the way that might just help out the next generation.


I’m a long distance runner. I’ve done a lot of half-marathon distances and a marathon but one day I hope to run an ultra-marathon. I prefer to run on trails which I think gives me a better overall workout than pounding the tarmac.

Public Key

If you want to send me something securely, or want to verify that something came from me and nobody else, then you should use public key 0x2183BCD259A81D7B with fingerprint of 59A81D7B.

You should see this image with it:

Gary Rowe

Stack Exchange

I regularly contribute to Stack Exchange in order to share what I have learned along the way:

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