Simple Scaffolding

One of my biggest problems with day to day Java coding is a lack of easy code generation. Frequently I find myself working on a new project and having to set up all the same boilerplate code. Obviously I’ll try to minimise the effort involved by first reaching for a Maven archetype or, more recently, a git repository with a standard set of starting code. In the past I even gave Spring Roo a try out, and Grails is pretty good if you’re allowed to use Groovy where you work. [Read More]
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Dropwizard with Ember Data demo

In this tutorial I’m going to create a reasonably complex demonstrator of Ember Data against a Dropwizard RESTful API. It is intended to demonstrate the workflows associated with creating a self-contained Ember.js front-end served by a Dropwizard back end. Thus you will see how to use Grunt.js as a kind of Maven for the front-end, and the role of Dropwizard in both serving the JavaScript application and handling the REST queries that subsequently come from the user interaction. [Read More]

How Bitcoin can contribute to a resilient community

I normally write about technical subjects on this blog, but for this article I’m going off this well-beaten path and into the realms of Bitcoin and resilient communities. I’m doing this because I’d like to step up to the challenge offered by John Michael Greer in his recent Archdruid Report “A Wishlist for Krampus”. [Read More]
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