My Current Development Stack

I write web applications in Java, and have been doing so for some time now. I like to think that I’ve become pretty good at it, and I can usually get something working quickly and efficiently. This means that my choice of frameworks and tools is somewhat specialised, and others would make a different choice, perhaps Grails or Ruby on Rails. This article is not about which framework is superior to another, but rather what I’m currently using and why it’s good for me right now. [Read More]
Tags: Development

7 refactorings I couldn't live without

As a full time developer I spend a lot of time writing code. And I almost never get it right first time. I did once, a long time ago, and since then I’ve not had such luck so I’ve had to rely on a myriad of safety nets, such as unit tests and a keep it simple approach to design. Even then my code tends to grow somewhat organically leading to various code smells that a healthy wave of refactoring wafts away. [Read More]